Our company has more than 20 years experience on the tourist and visa market. As it happens with everybody, from time to time we have to meet a partner which turns out unreliable. In this section of our website we will be publishing information on the companies we can no more consider trustworthy. Partnership with these companies may seriously jeopardize your business as it happened with us.

For confidentiality reasons we will not be providing documents confirming the unreliability of the companies mentioned below. To avoid spam, no discussions or comments are allowed on this webpage. However, we are ready to answer any relative question sent to: [email protected]

The reason for being entered in our "black list" is mostly unpaid invoices for the services provided or/and malpractice which may in the end affect your clients - persons requiring visa and travel services in Russia.

ISCtravel.com recommends you to avoid cooperation with companies entered in our "black list".

Lydrasoft Inc. (USA)
3642 E Lake Sammamish Parkw, NE, Sammamish, WA tel: (646) 820-5434

Biuro Podróży SONRISA (Poland)
81-359 Gdynia ul.Zygmunta Augusta 9 tel: (0-58) 6645656

RM 1112, Hydra Bldg Singapore-Hangzhou Science & Tech Park, No. 6 Rd, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Area, Zhejiang, China 310018 tel: (0086) 571-2896-9686
http://www.5cgroup.com, http://www.5cgroup.us, http://www.5cgroup.net

Sporext Group (Italy)
Via Mariotto Albertinelli, 6, 20148 Milan, Italy tel: +39 02 45071475
http://www.sporextgroup.it, http://www.sporext-group.com, http://www.visto-russia.info

1911 North Fort Myer Drive Suite 104 , Arlington, Washington DC, USA

Eurasia center
2 Chome-3−5 Azabudai, Minato, Tokyo

CheapTrip Pte Ltd
74 Tiong Poh Rd 03-40d, Singapore

Golden Fleece (Окрос сацмиси, Golden Fleece)
Georgia, Tbilisi, Chavchavadze avenue 34 tel: +995 599 003009, +995 32 215 82 76, mob: +995 599 00 32 09
[email protected]

Unsere Kundenberater stehen Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung. Rufen Sie uns an: 7.495.665 5424 für die USA und Kanada 1 800 324 0492 .
oder schicken Sie uns e-mail und wir beantworten Ihre Fragen binnen einem Arbeitstag.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass unsere Arbeitssprachen Englisch und Russisch sind.

Die russische Visaunterstützung wird entsprechend den Forderungen des Föderationsgesetzes Russischer Föderation vom 25.07.2002 Nr. 115 gewährleistet. Servicekosten umfassenalle Gebühren, die von der russischen juristischen Person für Visabeschaffung in der lokalen Migrationsbehörde Migrationsbehörde erforderlich sind.